Meet-us !

You want to meet us !

Before going further ...

Before you meet, it is important for us to understand your case and be able to do a pre-diagnosis of your child. We put you a form to you.

Thank you to fill it and be as complete as possible.
FYI: no data is stored in our website, the form just sending an email to the firm that we might consider it.

Once the pre-diagnostic is done, we will contact you so that we can meet us!

But feel free to contact us again freely:

Phone of secretariat : +336 95 30 52 99
E-mail :

What is the supported protocol ?

What steps ?

The management protocol is presented in the Information page.
We advise you to read it before making an appointment.

Where we are we located ?

Address different medical offices

The addresses of our different offices are in the Contact page.
Depending on the doctor and your living place, we will favor a law.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to read the many testimonials available on the site!