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KiSS KINDER (KiSS syndrom)

KiSS syndrom and treatment of children called `` KiSS KINDER”

KiSS syndrom affects new-born babies. Kiss is the abbreviation for Kopfgelenk Induziert Symetrie Storungen which can be translated by induced symmetry troubles of cervical vertebra.« Kiss kinder» are children who display symmetry disturbances induced by the cranio cervical junction articulations (attitude in inclination and fixed hyperextention). These children can be affected by nervous and/or digestive troubles.

A syndrom little known...

This syndrom is currently little known by health practitioners, and wrongly confused with congenital torticollis ( stiff neck) plagiocephaly or congenital assymmetrical pelvis. You will find on this site an accurate definition of the pathologies stated above in order to point out the specificity of KISS syndrom.


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