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Franco-German exchange day in Cologne (Germany),
with the team of Dr. Heiner BIEDERMANN
about the care of KiSS-KiDD Syndrom

All osteopaths and doctors working at the
KiSS Consultations Center in Paris
have their respective activities and medical offices.

Involved in the care of KiSS – KiDD children,
they make themselves available one day a week
to treat children.

Every Tuesday, 2 teams of 2 therapists welcome you in Paris – Boulogne-Billancourt

Beware of social networks!

We know that a lot of informations is circulating on social networks and discussion forums around this syndrome. It’s normal, it’s in the spirit of the times!

However, our team does not support the idea of making diagnoses and conclusions on social networks.

We believe that only a consultation with health professionals who are aware of the detection and treatment of this syndrome will allow us to confirm whether or not it is a KiSS or KiDD.